How it works in Woodler?

Usually clients contact us with specific issues they currently have in their SQL Server environments. 

Based on their query we perform SQL Audit of affected server. 

Outcome of the audit is set of tasks which needs to be done to stabilize situation and resolve the root cause of the issue. 

After successful resolution we have common ground with the cilent in future cooperation and regular support with using our monitoring tool SMT and standard processes.


We are currently providing complete services for SQL Server including performance data collection, auditing & troubleshooting, root cause analysis, application integrations using BI tools, architecture changes and implementations or migrations. Those services are still evolving.

Recently we added Active Directory Best Practices and Security audit to the list of sercives with possibility to outsource our infrasturcture and office 365 Architect. 

This means, that you can find new features in our proposed services on regular base. if something is missing, don’t be shy and ask us :-)




Some statistics

Servers we gave love to.

Cumulative database size we currently have in direct support. (Secondary replicas & non-production excluded)

Saved seconds in query execution.

Issues handled per week.

About us

We are progressive company founded in spring 2009th by Michal Tinthofer alias "Woodler".

In this market segment we are offering set of solutions which may be interesting for you. If you need just advice in some of the actual technologies, we are offering a set of IT consulting services to help you make the right choices.

Feel free to contact us, we understand that one question is more worthy than set of wrong choices. We have experience to help you prevent such a situation. 


Woodler brings what IT market need today. Professional attitude and responsibility for solving customer problems is already commonplace nowadays. However, our personal approach and use of automated access to manage client systems, resulting in fewer service hours and thus lowered costs at the client side isn’t already a domain of competing companies. Long standing experience with critical issue resolutions also improve quality of our services.

Our qualified and professionally trained team led by CEO of who is a holder of many certificates is able to quickly and effectively solve even hardest problems which could occur with information systems of our clients. Deep knowledge of supported technologies (mainly SQL Server) and personal approach of our team members lead to a clear objective. Efficiently save funds for our clients. Because the precision is our middle name.

If you are interested what we have done, feel free to check our refferences tab or contact us.

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