Our team

Michal Tinthofer
Chief Vision Officer
I am the Chief Vision Officer at Woodler. Setting up the vision for this unique company of SQL server performance tuners and managers. Also, I often act as a database architect, performance tuner, administrator, monitoring developer for SQL Server (Woodler SMT), and, last but not least, a coach of people who like to develop their skills in this area. My current "Quest" is to help admins and developers quickly and accurately identify problems related to their work and running SQL Server.
Petra Kovaľová
Service Delivery Manager
I am the only woman on the team so far and I enjoy working with this perfect team. My job is to manage and control the team.
Jan Mazal
Service Delivery Manager/ SMT Support
Always optimistic (and also experienced) Service delivery manager that tries to spread around good vibes together with an IT professionality and accomplished SLAs.
Ondřej Vaněk
SQL Server 2nd line Support Specialist
I am a member of the Woodler Database Administrator Support Team.
Jiri Doležálek
SMT Development / SQL Server 3rd line Support Specialist
I would call myself a programmer who knows how to make his database queries to run in an optimal way, which I am also using in performance tuning tasks when helping out on support. I am responsible for SMT development where I utilize my other skills and experience.
Michal Kovaľ
SQL Server 2nd line Support Specialist
I am a member of the Woodler Database Administrator Support Team, often troubleshooting challenges and Root Cause Analysis (RCA). I am also responsible for visual representation of Woodler Company.
Petr Tuháček
SQL Server 3rd line Support Specialist
I have experienced a lot in over 30 years of practice. First as a data software developer and analyst when SQL servers were still in their infancy. And now at Woodler as an L3 specialist to optimize and tune the performance of queries and other problems that arise in databases and SQL servers. I feel great when a procedure that ran for hours runs in tens of minutes after optimization. I love discovering new things and places that can stimulate thinking about new ideas and thoughts.
Jan Repka
SQL Server 3rd line Support Specialist
Digging through SQL Server's internals to account for, understand and tune every microsecond of your queries.
Michal Kubica
SQL Server 3rd line Support Specialist
I am SQL server consultant and data enthusiast. I like to find a way to improve your data environment and tune your slow queries.
Milan Bortel
Security Officer
I chose IT as my master on university, which led to first professional experiences. Since 2004 I worked in a various positions – Windows Administrator, database specialist, Microsoft Office expert and what most – IT trainer. I helped people to work more efficiently, tried to upgrade impractical and get rid of ineffective processes. Over the years I’ve seen a lot of crazy Excel tables, demoniac Word documents, “breathtaking” PowerPoint presentations and last but not least – non-working Windows. Around 2013 I started to focus more on cyber security. I’ve always been attracted by hacking stuff Downloading BackTrack Linux distribution was another life changing moment for me.And now, I work for Woodler as a Security Officer!