This audit service is a useful step during the preparation phase of any migration. It will help you in the following areas:

  • To understand what needs to be changed to successfully run your database on the new server
  • Where you could improve database design and remove obsolete features from the database moving forward
  • Understand database design migration showstoppers and behavior changes

SQL Server compatibility audit (SQL-C) will provide a comprehensive report from all audited instances in one place. By using PowerBI reporting, customers may easily understand what needs to be fixed in front of actual database migration and what changes may wait. 

This service also allows application developers to keep database models clean and ready for newer SQL Server.

How does it work?

  • By installing a specific component on a dedicated VM we can audit any database that you would like to analyze in your environment. 
  • Results are stored in one of the local databases
  • A PowerBI report file is generated from the collected data.
  • Then results are presented to the team.
  • This audit can integrate data from more servers into one PBI File for a better overview of the issues discovered.
  • It also contains recommendations for less intrusive changes. Not only migration show-stoppers but also behavior changes, obsolete components, and optional new feature implementations in the new SQL version

Before an audit happen any database code needs to be decrypted. Otherwise, such objects will be excluded from the analysis.