We offer fully managed database administration service for your Microsoft SQL Server environment. We aim to make database administration effortless through the use of our in-house DBA experts and automation. Our managed service means that we look after your business, and your individual business needs. We could provide all level of SQL Server support based on your needs.

Backup audit and management

We perform SQL database backup audits to ensure your backup systems and procedures are running smoothly. Successful backups are reviewed, and compared to an audit policy document.If for any reason your databases backups not finished or do not meet audit policy a support alert is automatically raised. We receive alerts and start to investigate it by the team. This provides you the most robust guarantee your SQL backups are running.


 Recovery Testing

  • In addition to externally auditing SQL database backups, recovery tests are run periodically.
  • Each database is fully restored to a secondary or test server to a point in time either within an agreed Recovery Point Objective, or at a point close to the retention policy.
  • Performing recovery tests gives you the assurance that you can access the data on your backups when you need it.
  • You will not pay this since, it is automated process. Admins only check this if the process find a issue and report it.


How its works


We help you to set up meaningful Disaster Recovery business rules and requirements.


By our analysis of your needs and existing environment we hand pick most suitable backup plan and advise you in future possible investment in this area


Since we automate part of disaster recover tests, we provide 100% guarantee that data hold in database are safe and readable / ready for restore if needed.